Birds and Animals Unlimited endeavors to provide consistent quality animal talent to the production of films, television and commercial programming. We were at the forefront of establishing safety protocol and standards of care for animals utilized in the motion picture industry and remain dedicated to such principles.

Our Team of top animal trainers and animal talent have been instrumental in producing creative, memorable, award winning entertainment and advertisement for over fifty years.


Our Team

Gary Gero
Director of Birds and Animals

Gary was raised on a ranch in Northern California and started to work with falcons at an early age. He was soon hired by an animal trainer and started working in motion pictures and television for several years before starting his own business, Birds & Animals Unlimited. Gary was instrumental in establishing the early guidelines for animal safety in film and television production.

Head Animal Trainer/Coordinator

Since 1999, Jules has led a quality team of trainers in our London branch, Birds & Animals UK. She’s been a film trainer since 1995, when she first wrangled puppies for 101 Dalmatians. In addition to training most of the animals in the Harry Potter film series, her credits include numerous television shows and movies produced in the United Kingdom, such as: Casino Royale, The Dark Knight, Lassie, Sherlock Holmes, Resident Evil, Mama Mia!, Bridget Jones, Finding Neverland, and Game of Thrones.

Jo Vaughan
Senior Animal Trainer

Jo has worked with many animals over her career ranging from dogs and cats to marine mammals and primates. Jo has been working with film productions for 15 years.

Guillaume Grange
Head of birds/Senior Animal Trainer

Having worked in zoos training animals for educational shows in the past, Guillaume Grange is a very capable animal trainer who has experience in working with a variety of species. His passion is working with birds and especially ravens. He has been working in production for over 10 years.

Gwen Griffiths
Senior Trainer

Gwen professionally has worked with animals for over 27 years, 17 of those years she has worked exclusively as an animal trainer for Birds and Animals. Originally working for the company is the U.S.A.; she has now worked in UK film for over 14 years. Her extensive working knowledge of animals for film was gained by training side by side with some of the most notable animal trainers in the film industry. A sample of her training experience includes; large and small farm animals, domestic cats, dogs and pigeons.

Hamish Secrett
Specialist Bird Trainer

Hamish has worked for Birds and Animals since 2006. Specialising in bird training his true passion lies in working with birds of prey. Previous to Birds and Animals UK he worked at numerous other animal related jobs. Hamish is also in charge of company photography and media.

Lisa Sanders
Head of Dog and Cat Care Section

Lisa is the head of our dog and cat care section. Having worked in many other animal related jobs before coming to us, she is very experienced and gives our animals the best care possible.